BPFY 24 Pack 4 oz Amber Boston Cap Bottle Black Poly Glass Super intense SALE with $15 BPFY 24 Pack 4 oz Amber Boston Glass Bottle with Black Poly Cap, Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories Boston,Black,Glass,Poly,Amber,24,$15,with,Bottle,BPFY,promadera.com.ar,oz,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Pack,4,/Alnascharism1132455.html,Cap, BPFY 24 Pack 4 oz Amber Boston Cap Bottle Black Poly Glass Super intense SALE with $15 BPFY 24 Pack 4 oz Amber Boston Glass Bottle with Black Poly Cap, Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories Boston,Black,Glass,Poly,Amber,24,$15,with,Bottle,BPFY,promadera.com.ar,oz,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Pack,4,/Alnascharism1132455.html,Cap,

BPFY 24 Pack 4 oz Amber Boston Cap Bottle Black Poly Glass Super intense cheap SALE with

BPFY 24 Pack 4 oz Amber Boston Glass Bottle with Black Poly Cap,


BPFY 24 Pack 4 oz Amber Boston Glass Bottle with Black Poly Cap,

Product description

Size:4oz 24Pack

24 Pack 4 oz Amber Boston Round Bottle with Black Poly Cone Cap
*Material: Glass
*Color: Amber
*Size: Diameter: 1.8inch(4.5cm)
*Top Diameter: 0.98inch(2.5cm)
*Inner Diameter: Inner Diameter:0.7inch(1.7cm)
*Height: Height: 4.5inch(11.5cm)
*Capacity: 4oz(120ml)
24 pack 4 oz amber Boston bottle with cap
8 funnel
24 chalk labels
1 pen
Design: cylinder Boston glass bottle.
Easy clean: Hand wash or dishwasher.

Outlook: Elegant, concise 4oz amber glass bottle.
Useful: Amber Boston round glass bottles are not only for homemade vanilla extract, essential oils, medicinal products, colloidal silver,  herbal medicine, nice salt concentrate, but also for  potions class.
Great Gifts: Boston bottle set of 24 are great for Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, housewarming gifts.

Recyclable, reusable, refillable Boston bottle perfect for kitchen, home or lab use.

❤Warm Notice:
We use eco-friendly recyclable FOAM to protect our products from damage during shipping. As the glassware product is fragile, please shake the package first before unpacking it. If product cracks during the shipment, please take carefully to unpack the package. Then feel free to contact us, we will arrange the free replacement to you in time.

BPFY 24 Pack 4 oz Amber Boston Glass Bottle with Black Poly Cap,

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