$11 U.S. Navy Retired Steel Auto License Plate Frame Car Tag Holder Automotive Exterior Accessories Automotive , Exterior Accessories,/Alnascharism1140355.html,$11,Steel,U.S.,Frame,License,Navy,Retired,promadera.com.ar,Plate,Car,Holder,Tag,Auto $11 U.S. Navy Retired Steel Auto License Plate Frame Car Tag Holder Automotive Exterior Accessories Automotive , Exterior Accessories,/Alnascharism1140355.html,$11,Steel,U.S.,Frame,License,Navy,Retired,promadera.com.ar,Plate,Car,Holder,Tag,Auto U.S. Navy Limited time for free shipping Retired Steel Auto License Frame Holder Car Tag Plate U.S. Navy Limited time for free shipping Retired Steel Auto License Frame Holder Car Tag Plate

U.S. Navy Limited time for free shipping Retired Steel Auto License Frame Holder Manufacturer direct delivery Car Tag Plate

U.S. Navy Retired Steel Auto License Plate Frame Car Tag Holder


U.S. Navy Retired Steel Auto License Plate Frame Car Tag Holder

Product description

Get everyone's attention with this cool Black plated license plate frame made of sturdy heavy metal and personalized with weather/car wash resistant vinyl that is waterproof/UV protected. It won't fade and will last for many many years. It is also a great gift item. It weights about 9oz and measures 12" x 6" the frame is brand new and it's well packaged. The distance between two holes is about 7 inches. The frame fits all standard USA and Canada 12x6 license plates and can be used for the front or the back of a car.

U.S. Navy Retired Steel Auto License Plate Frame Car Tag Holder

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