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Hot Sox mens Novelty Occupation Casual Crew Socks


Hot Sox mens Novelty Occupation Casual Crew Socks

Product description

It's ok to be the teacher's pet when you give the gift of socks! Featuring all your teacher's favorite things, these men's crew socks are a great present to give to the stylish teachers in your life. Pick up a pair of men's teacher's pet socks today

From the manufacturer

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Hot Sox mens Novelty Occupation Casual Crew Socks


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How to Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to get your work in front of readers. Learn how to set up your own blog with this A-Z guide.

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How many of us can remember exactly what a past participle is? Or how about the differences between restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses? The Grammar Dictionary can help.

How to Write in MLA Style

MLA Style is widely used in literary writing circles, but how exactly are you supposed to use it? Here’s a detailed look at everything you need to know.

Affect vs. Effect

Out of all the confusing words in English, affect vs. effect are amongst the most puzzling. Many people have trouble telling them apart because of their similar…

Who vs. Whom

A lot of people have trouble on when to use the words “who” and “whom.” Mixing these words up can be relatively easy, and, if you confuse them too…

Between vs. Among

These two words cause quite a bit of headache in the head’s of writers because they are so often unsure when to use which one. Is there a difference in their use? Or…

Principal vs. Principle

Principal and principle are another set of homophones, which, despite sounding identical in their pronunciation, have completely different meanings…

Complement vs. Compliment

Complement and compliment are especially tricky because they are long words and their only spelling difference is one little vowel tucked in the middle. One word is…

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