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MagicSky S7 Financial sales sale Case Galaxy specialty shop Slim A Corner Shock Protection

MagicSky S7 Case, Galaxy S7 Case, Slim Corner Protection Shock A


MagicSky S7 Case, Galaxy S7 Case, Slim Corner Protection Shock A

Product Description

Protection -This Dual Layer hybrid Defender Armor case provide stylish and dual layer protection for your new mobile phone against abrasion, scratches, dirt, dent, and damages. Combining the 2 pieces, the case provides better shock-absorbing, tear-resistant, skid-proof, anti-scratch, and anti-fingerprints protection.

Beauty -The outer back cover is made of high quality hard PC material with unique picture printed on it, the print can be washed and won’t peel off. Studded rhinestones on the back to give off a beautiful shine.

Convenient -Full access to all ports, buttons, and cameras on the phone without the need to remove the case. Simple snap-on design for easy installation and removal.

Drop Protection
Premium silicone case around your phone absorbs shock upon impact.

Dual Layer Protection
Shock-absorbing silicone and a hard outer PC case offer durability with a slim profile.

Raised Lip Protection 
Raised bezels and rear guards lift the screen and back camera off flat surface leaving the display clean and scratch-free.

MagicSky S7 Case, Galaxy S7 Case, Slim Corner Protection Shock A

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