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Stadium Approved Clear Mini Duty Heavy Max 66% OFF Discount mail order Backpack Cold-Resistant

Stadium Approved Clear Mini Backpack, Heavy Duty Cold-Resistant


Stadium Approved Clear Mini Backpack, Heavy Duty Cold-Resistant

Product description


Transparent details and durable materials make this the perfect clear backpack for on-the-go! Easily holds all the supplies your preschooler might
need for a busy day of 'work' and play, and the mesh side pocket adjusts to fit a juice box, sippy cup or water bottle. The front pouch is ideal for snacks
and includes extra pockets for pencils and other travel necessities. The adjustable shoulder strap design go easy on little shoulders!

Perfect size:

Feature Highlights:
1)Made of ultra-thick,comply with CP65, no harmful chemicals transparent PVC waterproof material.
2)Stadium approved clear backpack all around see-through design allows easy travel and visibility of items for security checkpoints.
3)The adjustable shoulder strap design make you easy to fit your specific requirements and offer your extra stability.
4)The top handle is perfect for when you want to carry your bag and give your little shoulders a break.
5)Simple design and waterproof material make it very easy and quick to get cleaning.

Maintenance Tips:
·Please wipe it gently with a clean damp cloth and dry it in shade when stained with dirt.
·Note that the odor is natural but will soon fade with use.
·If you encounter any problems, please email to us and we will try our best to meet your satisfactions!

Stadium Approved Clear Mini Backpack, Heavy Duty Cold-Resistant

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