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ZOOPOLR Cage Feeder Gorgeous Food Water Bowl Sale SALE% OFF Hay Small Bin Dish

ZOOPOLR Cage Feeder Food Water Hay Bowl Dish Bin Feeder, Small


ZOOPOLR Cage Feeder Food Water Hay Bowl Dish Bin Feeder, Small

Product description


  • Matetial: Plastic
  • Color: 4 Different Color
  • Package: 1Pcs
  • Size: 5-Inch long, 3-3/4-inch wide, 4-inch high
  • This pet feeder is steel-edged to prevent your pet chewing.
  • Snap-lock bracket system attaches directly to any wire cage for easy feeding, preventing sliding
  • Application: chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, squirrels, ferrets, hamster and other small pet.
  • ZOOPOLR Cage Feeder Food Water Hay Bowl Dish Bin Feeder, Small

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