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Wine Opener Set with Wine Stoppers Drip Ring, Foil Cutter and Ex


Wine Opener Set with Wine Stoppers Drip Ring, Foil Cutter and Ex

Product description


Do you enjoy a bottle of white, rose or red, but have a hard time opening the cork? Then don't worry, Wineamp;Cork essential wine bottle opener kit will make this task easy and stress-free. A wine opener set contains all the useful tools you need for opening and enjoying your wine.


  • Wine Foil Cutter included for effortlessly removing foil
  • Lever wine opener removes the cork in few simple steps
  • Stainless steel wine temperature bracelet thermometer. Thermal band displays wine bottle temperature, suggests the best serving temperature for most wines
  • Wine aerator pourer enriches your wine within seconds for a better taste
  • If a bottle of wine is not empty, a wine bottle pump and wine stopper can keep your wine for the next time!
  • Two extra screwpull corkscrew wine opener spirals included for long-term use.

The beautiful design coupled with the practical function of this lever sommelier corkscrew opener set will impress your guests. They will be pleased with the swift service with which their wine is served when you use this unique manual bar wine opener and Cute Wine Cork Remover Opener Set .


Easy To Use
Manual lever wine opener removes cork in seconds with simple motions. A lever corkscrew is the easiest wine opener tool available.
Elegant Design
This cute wine bottle opener is both stylish and functional! The design is based on manual lever wine corkscrew will match any kitchen or bar decor.
Perfect Gift Idea
Wine bottle opener kit is the perfect gift idea for wine lovers, enthusiasts, women, men. Wine cork opener set packaged in stylish case is ideal for gift-giving.

Wine Opener Set with Wine Stoppers Drip Ring, Foil Cutter and Ex

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