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Snake Ring Animal Punk New product Vintage for Opening Max 65% OFF Women Men Retro

Snake Ring Animal Punk Vintage Ring for Men Women Retro Opening


Snake Ring Animal Punk Vintage Ring for Men Women Retro Opening

Product description

yfigo -- Your ideal choice of fashion jewelry, your sincere choice for yfigo .

yfigo dedicate to sourcing and selling unique and trendy fashion jewelry and accessory, with the environment friendly material and expert finishing techniques, we have confidence to supply customers the high quality products with fair prices.Each piece yfigo sell is hand-checked for quality, and we are proud to offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. It's always welcomed to contact us any question any time.

Jewelry Maintenance:
1.Do not contact liquid like water, sweat and cosmetics
2.Do not wearing at showering,washing,swimming,sleeping,sporting
3.Do not expose in air for long time, when not wear please put into sealed bag or box
4.Please wear carefully, do not scrub it or make it fall to the ground

Q amp; A:
Q:Will your jewelries change color?
A:All fashion jewelries will lose color after use. Our jewelry come with the best craft,they can be kept very long time if maintain well.
Q:Will it give me skin irritation?
A:The materials are environmental friendly materials. We use the most advanced technology, control the rate of hypersensitivity under 0.003%. So please do not worry about skin irritation.

Snake Ring Animal Punk Vintage Ring for Men Women Retro Opening


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