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Women's Backless Shapewear U Plunge Lace Bodysuit Neck V Deep Max wholesale 80% OFF Bo

Women's Backless Shapewear U Plunge Lace Bodysuit Deep V Neck Bo


Women's Backless Shapewear U Plunge Lace Bodysuit Deep V Neck Bo

Product Description

women backless bodysuit

The crotch is a adjustable hook that fit for your torso in any length, also designed for your inconvenience on going to bathroom.

Natural high-count cotton and high quality polyester fiber, original touch, soft and skin-friendly, more close to the body, more durable.

  • Multiple styling options: The straps can be adjusted to be worn with halter style dresses, low-plunge front, and criss-cross styles
  • Removable invisible straps: Completely seamless and unnoticeable!
  • Designed to move with your body: Sit, dance, and stretch with ease.
  • Push-Up underwire: For a supported and lifted bust and a serious cleavage boost
  • Sticky adhesives: To keep the garment attached to your body without it slipping off
  • Seamless thong back with hook amp; eye closure: Smoothes out camel toe and gives you easy bathroom access

Commonly worn under wedding dresses, party dresses, and a variety of low-cut outfits and necklines.

backless body shaper

  • Note: If you have a plumpy body and long torso,we recommend a large size before purchase, it maybe more suitable for you.
  • Please send emails when you have trouble with the size of the shaper, we will do best to help you.
  • Care: Hand wash with cold water, do not bleach, hang or line dry.

The ways you can wear it:

  1. 1 or 2 straps,criss cross or halter
  2. Gel strips to help to secure the garment in place
  3. Open crotch with 3 adjustable hooks
  4. Best of all, the adjustable straps could be worn a variety of ways: halter, racerback/ crisscross and traditional.
backless bodysuit

Women's Backless Shapewear U Plunge Lace Bodysuit Deep V Neck Bo

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