$15 Rubie's Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child's Kylo Ren Costume, S Toys Games Dress Up Pretend Play Rubie's Star Wars: The Branded goods Force Awakens S Child's Kylo Ren Costume Star,Ren,The,Toys Games , Dress Up Pretend Play,Awakens,S,Rubie's,$15,Kylo,promadera.com.ar,Costume,,/meliorable1132478.html,Wars:,Force,Child's Rubie's Star Wars: The Branded goods Force Awakens S Child's Kylo Ren Costume $15 Rubie's Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child's Kylo Ren Costume, S Toys Games Dress Up Pretend Play Star,Ren,The,Toys Games , Dress Up Pretend Play,Awakens,S,Rubie's,$15,Kylo,promadera.com.ar,Costume,,/meliorable1132478.html,Wars:,Force,Child's

Rubie's Star Wars: The Branded goods Force Awakens S Child's Kylo Ren Super sale period limited Costume

Rubie's Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child's Kylo Ren Costume, S


Rubie's Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child's Kylo Ren Costume, S

Product description


You know Darth Vader, now meet Kylo Ren! Value priced Kylo Ren cost comes with a hooded robe, belt, and mask to be worn with child's own pants and shoes. The epic saga of the galaxy far, far away returns and you can join the fun! Officially licensed, The Force Awakens costumes and accessories for Captain Phasma, Rey, Kylo Ren, Flametroopers, and Stormtroopers were created by Rubie's Costume Company in partnership with LucasFilms. Children's sizes are offered in Small, Medium, and Large. Small is designed to fit most 3 to 4 year olds, 44 to 48-inches tall with a 25 to 26-inch waist, and 27 to 28-inch chest/hips. Medium is designed to fit most 5 to 7 year olds, 50 to 54-inches tall with a 27 to 30-inch waist, and 29 to 32-inch chest/hips. Large is designed to fit most 8 to 10 year olds, 56 to 60-inches tall with a 31 to 34-inch waist, and 35 to 39-inch chest/hips. Sizes are approximate, most costumes are not designed to a clothing size standard; some adjustment may be needed. Rubie's is the world's costume leader and they take seriously the mission to make dressing up fun! Mascots, rental quality costumes, masks, wigs, accessories, and shoes can all be found under one of the Rubie's brand. Still family-owned and family-focused, Rubie's brings you fun for every season.

From the manufacturer

Child Kylo Ren Halloween Sensations Costume Child Deluxe Kylo Ren Costume Super Deluxe Kylo Ren Costume Deluxe Adult Kylo Ren Costume Toddler Kylo Ren Costume
Child's Kylo Ren Costume Child's Deluxe Kylo Ren Costume Child's Super Deluxe Kylo Ren Costume Deluxe Adult Kylo Ren Costume Kylo Ren Toddler Costume
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Child's Captain Phasma Costume Child's Deluxe Captain Phasma Costume Child's Super Deluxe Captain Phasma Costume Captain Phasma Child Costume Gloves Deluxe Adult Captain Phasma Costume

Rubie's Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child's Kylo Ren Costume, S

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