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Fountain Pen Fine Nib Glass Leaf Celluloid Denver Mall Autumn Max 79% OFF Min Dip

Fountain Pen Fine Nib Glass Dip Pen Autumn Leaf Celluloid, Min


Fountain Pen Fine Nib Glass Dip Pen Autumn Leaf Celluloid, Min

Product description

Color:Gradient Green

When you find wonderful view on a pleasant journey, or write a letter to the one you loved, take notes in lecture or record meetings, take it out and express your instant thoughts and write on paper. Let it to be your best companion and accompany you to see the scenery, write stories, and record the beautiful life.

Item Details:
Color: Gradient Green / Autumn Leaf
Material: Acrylic / Celluloid
Pen Cap: Screw Type
Capped Length:100mm; Posted Length:136mm ; Diameter:11mm; Weight:15g
Nib: Fine nib (About 0.5mm)
Ink: Only work with bottled ink(As a glass dip pen); Only work with standard ink cartridge(As a normal fountain pen because it does not have converter)
Application Scene: Pocket/Travel//Gift/Office/Business/Student/Writing

Package Included:
Fountain Pen x 1(Not contain ink for safety);
Glass Dip Nib x 1
Gift Box x 1

Please Note:
Please notice this pen does not include converter and ink cartridges . If you need it, please refer this matching cartridges https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FMLGQSS

Fountain Pen Fine Nib Glass Dip Pen Autumn Leaf Celluloid, Min

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